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Translation is the written process of translating documents from one language to another.

Translation by Design provides translation services in all languages. We thrive in exotic or unusual languages and we thoroughly enjoy the challenge. Whether you need a Chuvash (Russian) letter translated or an Ijaw (Nigerian) CD transcribed—we can find the language you need because we never give up.


Translation Expertise

Business agreements, employee handbooks, and manuals
Environment documents, forms, reports, and statements
Financial stock market research & analysis, financial market reports, brand and marketing reports
Healthcare claims, handbooks, letters, and medical reports
Legal  EB-5 documents, agreements, contracts, summons, and transcripts
Publishing books, electronic publishing, flyers, and pamphlets








We contract with translators from around the world who have the highest qualifications in their field of expertise with advanced degrees in a wide range of disciplines. Our translators are sensitive to cultural, social, and political nuances. We choose translators for their linguistic skills, technical expertise, and professionalism.

Translation Standards

Translation by Design is a corporate member of the American Translators Association (ATA). This gives us access to the largest professional association of translators and interpreters in the U.S. and abroad. ATA’s certification program evaluates the competence of translators according to rigorous professional standards.

CAT Tools

Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools have become an integral part of translation technology and the translation process.  CAT tools enhance the translation quality and productivity for language service providers through the use of Translation Memories, Term Bases and Text Corpora. Such tools allow for consistency of terminology and phrases within a document, across project documents and across a client’s many projects.

While there are many CAT tools from which to choose, Translation by Design has found the award-winning memoQ Translation Tool and Server the perfect fit. Through the memoQ Server, we can properly manage all our translation projects as well as our resources; and our translation teams are able to leverage our resources to provide high-quality, consistent and accurate translations.

Translation by Design:

  • delivers projects on time
  • designs customized language solutions
  • guarantees confidentiality
  • offers rush or expedited service
  • promises 100% satisfaction
  • thrives on challenges
  • works globally

Translation by Design offers the following languages:


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