Multilingual PublishingBooks are the carriers of civilization…They are companions, teachers, magicians, bankers of the treasures of the mind.  Books are humanity in print.  -Barbara W. Tuchman

Translation by Design has over 25 years' experience in the publishing industry. The 21st Century is an era of global opportunities in emerging multilingual publishing from mysteries to romance to cookbooks and healthcare. Whatever your manuscript, whether it's a novel, cookbook, metaphysical, nonfiction, or even high quality Japanese manga and novels, we are the experts and would love to translate your books.

Grow your business, expand your network, build bridges into the future and make new discoveries by using our translation solutions. Digital content is changing the landscape for publishers, booksellers, agents, film producers, and authors. You can excel in the application of changing technologies by using our comprehensive language solutions and publishing expertise.


Publishing Experience

TBD specializes in these areas of publishing:

  • Nonfiction translation
  • Japanese manga and novels
  • Children’s picture book editing and translation
  • Literary translations
  • Health magazines and brochures
  • Pamphlet design, layout, and translation
  • On-line newsletter translation
  • Author interview interpretation
  • E-book translation
  • Website localization
  • Audio transcription and time coding
  • Multimedia technology and translation
  • Much, much more


The following are but a few of the many projects in which Translation by Design has been involved:



Libros Publishing

Translation by Design translated and copyedited the award-winning psychological thrillers, Gathering the Indigo Maidens and Traces of Bliss. The translated version of Traces of Bliss, Vestigios de dicha, is a Finalist of the 2012 ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year IndieFab Award, the prestigious award that recognizes new indie books. This is a testament to the high-quality translations our professional Translators provide, rendering in their native language the true meaning and intent of the original story.







Teach Me Tapes

Involved in the entire process of the Teach Me hardcover book series, we provided tranlsation, typesetting, English editing, final proofreading, and review of the audio recording. This series of books brings languages to life through brilliant illustrations as you listen, learn and sing along with classic songs for children. Beautifully bound hard cover children's books in Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, and more. 






Delta Publishing Company / Raven Tree Press

Raven Tree Press books are tools for language development and to increase a child's imagination. They also promote multicultural respect and understanding.

We provided Raven Tree with our translation expertise for their entire list of award-winning children's picture books. In order to maintain their high publishing standards, we considered the publisher's time, budget constraints, and tight deadlines while reviewing all phases of the publishing process.





Random House / Kodansha USA Publishing LLC

Translation by Design translated more than 100 volumes of Kodansha's manga and novel series from Japanese into English. One of the series, Arisa, made MTV's list of Top 10 Manga Series of 2011. 





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