Royal Bank of Canada

When millions (of words) are on the line


When the fifth largest wealth management institution in the world, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), required a translation partner to help them bring their weekly, monthly and annual financial market reports to a global audience, they chose Translation By Design (TBD). Since 2011, RBC has trusted TBD to deliver accurate translations on tight deadlines.



The Challenge

RBC Wealth Management publishes many signicant reports that require translation in order to reach high net worth investors around the globe. These include the annual World Wealth Report published in partnership with Capgemini, the Asia Pacic Wealth Report, the Global Insight Monthly and many others.

Their most challenging assignment, the Global Insight Weekly Report, arrives at COB on Friday and requires our global team to be on their toes to ensure RBC receives the report in four languages, totaling 12,000 words, with DTP, editing and proofing in just two days, by Sunday evening.

The Solution

TBD’s President took on the project, personally overseeing the development of a global team of translators specifically for RBC. Each translator was rigorously tested for the appropriate experience in their language pair and in the financial industry (which has a language all its own).

Once the language teams were assembled for Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian and Portuguese, the TBD team worked with RBC to create a style guide for all of their reports along with a detailed workflow, technology and security management process.

FTP and password-protected client portal was established to ensure RBC’s proprietary financial report data is secure.

The memoQ translation management platform was deployed to manage the volume of reports and global translation teams.

The Result

TBD has held a track record of 100% on-time delivery of more than 1000 financial reports and other documents since 2011.

We are truly thankful for the Translation by Design team and the great service, support and input they have provided RBC over the past several years. They stepped in at a time when we needed quality translation services for a global audience and TBD delivered with great quality and have always met agreed upon timelines.

-Colin McDarmont - Sr Manager, Business Initiatives, Marketing and Strategy at RBC Wealth Management